Saturday, July 9, 2011


Sorry I forgot to update yesterday. My laptop was dying and we only have one charger between my room mate and me since his broke and he needed it (I do not like, but am over looking it for the safety of his health). Anyway, yesterday was fun. I did laundry and hung it out dry by hand, which was fun and different and I only dropped one pair of underwear! I think that is a success. Then I chilled while it dried then went out and saw more of Florence. It is a fairly small city, so I walked around for an hour to the edge of the city, and then back. Then I went to the big square with David and did some drawing homework. I don't think it is as good as my other piece, but I did my best here. After I was done I got some dinner and sketched more people around the duomo. Then it was off to bed, fairly uneventful day all together essentially.

Today I am getting ready to leave for my trip to venice with the train leaving at 9:30. As of this moment I am just pestering my roommate in our room with my typing because there is no other outlet in the apartment that will charge my laptop. He really needs to get his own freaking charger, and I really have to try and stop waking him up. Living with people is funnnnn. ish. I say that cause it is nice not living alone, I just wish the people I was living with were less weird. The girls are fine, one of them, but my roommate is just odd. I don't really hang out with any of them, which means I have to travel by myself, which is just a bad I idea in general really. Anyway, I need to get ready for my trip. I'll have a post about it when I get back tonight.

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