Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bone tired

Hey people.

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I wasn't feeling it. Anyway I will catch you up on yesterday and today's activities.

Yesterday after I got back I immediately went to painting class. Being as tied as I was I decided to do the bare minimum work and then pass out back at the apartment. I
started with the self portrait which means I would paint over the curr
ent self portrait I have and paint it again in a new style. i wanted to go for a late Picasso, early Mado (or whatever), and mid Dali. It was awful. I had to take a picture of it so I could mark it as done, but I am NOT posting it. Instead you get to see my first painting that looked half descent in my color blind opinion. Once I had slaughtered 30 years of a style I decided to scrape off the paint and just go back to working on my still life. My teacher gave me a smaller brush, which made the painting process infinitely better. So my still life looks good, my self portrait needs work, which is fine considering I am doing a style a day.

Once I am done for the day I come back home and try to crash at around 11, but it is sooooo hot. It is soooo hot because it happens to be hot that day and I broke my fan offering no relief. What ha
ppened was, the fan was already broken, but still useable, meaning the top part had come off, but the fan itself was still going. Now, for those who don't know me, I like to flail around at night. Kicking, punching, whatever. I happened to be tossing one night and my had goes right in the fan. It didn't hit the fan hard enough to break the machine, but I hit it so precisely that the only thing that broke were the wings (propellors?) of the fan. So, it is really hot in my room, really loud outside and I get no sleep consequently.

I stumbled out of bed around 7:30 (much later than I usually do because I was that tired) and then go to the store to get art supplies. Then I go to class and then we go to the anatomy museum. Apparently the Medici family took a bunch of wax models of dead people and
collected taxidermy animals and shells and shit in the name of science (which was actually pretty legit). We went to the museum to see what the person looks like on the inside, and I have to say it was beyond cool. I chose to draw a head because of the challenging perspective. It came out nicely. John gave it a nice, which is alright considering all I have ever gotten out of him is really good. You see, my teacher Jon has this scale of meaning. It goes from, "No," "Alright," "Ok," "Fair," "pretty nice," "good," "really good," and "great." I have never received a great on the scale of Jon, and have only received one really good. But when I get that great I will have EARNED IT. Then we came back to the studio and drew from a live model for three hours and we were suppose to draw in the skeleton underneath. The top half of my piece came out nice, but Jon thrashed my pelvis. He said I had no idea what I was doing and everyone in the class laughed. Being as competitive as I am, I will be spending most days now sitting in the Medici science place working on anatomy. Especially because if I want to go into medical illustration I have to get really good at this stuff. It is hard taking that kind of criticism, but if you dish it out, you have to be willing to take it just the same. Although, I shouldn't be too discouraged because Jon said eariler that morning that I could draw pretty well overall, and that if you combined everyone descent at drawing in the class (Nico, Alyssa, Lauren, and myself) you would get one good artist. I like that I was included in this minute equation. Anyway, that is pretty much it for today. Tomorrow I go back to the museum and then off to painting class where we will work outside in the disgusting hot sun to do landscape. yay.

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  1. now you have to work on a science painting of you...maybe a foot? or a melted foot (ala Dali) :D