Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lost in the Gardens of Eden

Today was another non-special day. I woke up today super late (about 9) from a super weird dream about kate and mom and other things I can't recall. After I forced myself up from bed I worked out and showered and then mulled over the idea of trying to find the Medici science gallery. I decided against it, since I didn't know where it was and I just didn't want to do anything that morning. I will have to go friday to make up for it, and use google body to get some good perspectives on the pelvis. Once I rethought my weekly schedule I went out, got lunch and went to painting class. I did another self portrait where I tried to go slower and build up the colors. It turned out decently, but the proportions and colors (obviously) were off to a degree that I did not want fix. Once I had given up on my painting I took a picture of it (which I won't post unless someone asks because I do not like it) and read for a while.

Then we went to some fancy rich people gardens to work on painting. The teach told me to do something bigger, so I decided I would try a giant water colored painting. So, I had to carry this giant board and paper with my paints all the way up to the top of Florence essentially in the extreme heat of the day. It was great. Then once I wandered around (aka got lost) I settled on a spot and just started doing it. I soon found out that I am not good at water coloring. There is such a fine finesse to it, and my style is generally much more rough and bold. I am trying though. The picture right now is very light and needs a lot more building up. Hopefully it won't suck, but nothing right now to determine it's level of artsyness yet. Anyway, after I was tired of looking at my stuff I packed up and walked home and now I am geting ready to go out and see HARRY POTTER. I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED TO SEE THE EPICNESS THAT IS THIS MOVIE. It will be awesome! Anway, thats all for now really. I'll blog more tomorrow or friday depending on how interesting tomorrow is. I'll post pictures of the fancy garden soon.

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  1. You should post all your pics here. That way you can monitor your progress when you look back.