Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hello people!

Today was field trip day in painting class! We took the train to Bolongia! It was not all that exciting in all honesty. It kind of gave off that lazy small town vibe of Davis, which gave off some nostalgia, but all in all was very pretty. We started off going to the house of this famous painter of the 1900s (Marols of something) where it showed how incredibly simple and boring his life was and how his art reflected this. Then we went to this beautiful church. Not so much beautiful on the outside (actually it was kind of falling apart on the outside and they were doing renovations) but inside it had the most detailed and elaborate paintings and sculptures. My only regret was not taking pictures. The sign in front said no pictures (or it had a picture with a camera with a slash going through it), so I had subjected myself to the understanding that I would be taking no pictures and would be forced to remember these beautiful images. However, no one else in my SACI group thought it pertinent to adhere to these rules. I am not going to lie, it really pissed me off. Not so much that they were taking pictures but that they were taking pictures and I couldn't take pictures because I was following the rules. I hate people who disregard those types of rules though, so I stuck to my guns.

Anyway, after that we went to this very small museum in the center of the central square of Bolognia (which in fairness wasn't that small as I may have implied earlier) where they showed pieces done by the guy whose house we saw and contrasted with the modern artist Wayne Theibaud (sp?) who is the dude who is famous for those cake paintings. It was a fair contrast, but I was more interested in Wayne's paintings. They were sharper, more colorful, and had much more life to them. Mordublahs were just depressing. Anywho, after we finished looking at the museum we went to dinner in some fantastic small Italian restaurant and head back to the train station. Best part of the day was realizing that half the class didn't make it on the train nor did the teacher, who had our tickets. I tried to be sneaky and hit from the conductor (which worked in all fairness), but the other students explained their situation and the teacher called the train station and explained what had happened, and everything turned out fine. I still think it would have been more for to go train hopping, like real hobos. The rest was uneventful. Got off the train and finished up the day. Now it is time to mental prep myself for my 11 hour drawing class tomorrow. Here we go again.

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